Sunday, October 23, 2011

What did Cliff Harris do ????

My Oregon Ducks beat Colorado in a 45 to 2 blowout in Boulder yesterday. Bryan Bennett filling in for injured QB Darron Thomas did a great job. Someone said it was like going from Joe Montana to Steve Young.

However the question on many Duck fans mind is what did Oregon corner back, Cliff Harris, do to draw a 15 yard "unsportsmanship penalty" BEFORE the game from the refs.

The Oregonian has this report:

First, he received an undisclosed 15-yard penalty before kickoff that led Oregon coach Chip Kelly to elect to receive rather than kickoff after winning the coin toss.

Kelly said after the game that he didn’t know what the penalty had been for. Defensive coordinator Nick Aliotti knew, but declined to reveal the information.

“I choose not to comment on that,” he said.

The penalty resulted in Colorado kicking off from the 45-yard line rather than the customary 30.

However NO ONE seems to know what he did. Inquiring minds want to know !!

Later in the game Harris tried to field a punt inside the 10 yard line and went back into the end zone and was tackled for a safety giving Colorado their only points in the game. Coach Kelly pointed out punt returners are coached not to field punts inside the 10 yard line.

Harris has been in coach Kelly's "dog house" for some time after getting a ticket on I-5 for going 118 miles per hour in a 65 zone. It ended up he already owed thousands of dollars in fines in Oregon and California on other tickets. When the police officer smelled marijuana in the car and asked where was the Marijuana, Harris replied, "We smoked it all."

To be fair, Harris at times has been spectacular on the field, but just as often he has hurt his team. It didn't matter yesterday against Colorado but it could in future games !

Go Ducks .... win the day beat Washington State !!

UPDATE: It is being reported he was taunting the other team before the game. How?

UPDATE 2: Today, Monday Cliff Harris was stopped and cited by the Eugene Police Department for Driving While Suspended, no insurance and not using his seat belt. His Mustang convertible was impounded by the police department. The saga continues. How self destructive can he be?