Wednesday, October 26, 2011

It's Not Too Late .... Your Country Calls in It's Time of Need !

The Weekly Standard Blog just posted this letter from a "reader from Garland Texas"
Dear Congressman Ryan:

This is now my fourth letter to you. Please reconsider.

Other than Gov. Romney, no announced candidate for the Republican nomination can be taken seriously as a candidate. Not one can speak persuasively regarding the fiscal crisis our country is facing and the types of difficult solutions necessary to reform our entitlement programs and to right our economy.

Still, with all due respect to Gov. Romney’s expertise in the area of business, he has failed to demonstrate in his career that he is a conservative who genuinely believes in, and will fight for a return to, limited government and the diminution of the regulatory state.

After all the years Gov. Romney has run for President, have we yet heard a convincing argument from him concerning the seriousness of our fiscal situation with regard to entitlements? Will the Democrats and their allies in the media even allow a serious discussion regarding entitlements when all they have to do is say one word: Romneycare?

Is there any sense that Gov. Romney will use the 2012 campaign to do anything other than achieve the Presidency? If the Republican Party selects a candidate who fudges the great economic issues during this campaign because he or she is afraid to lose, then we will deserve defeat.

The 2012 election campaign must become a time to persuade the public to do what needs to be done. We need a candidate who knows the case inside out and who is capable of making it in a convincing fashion, one able to withstand the demagogic attacks of the opposition.

Please reconsider. Do not allow this opportunity for our country to pass by.


I like Romney but I like Ryan more !