Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Romney Wins Again !

In my opinion Mitt Romney won last nights debate in New Hampshire. He came across as a leader and I like the way he pays attention to the other speakers, in a kind way, when they are speaking. Herman Cain came in second and Newt Gingrich was third. I do have doubts as to the sales tax provision of 9 9 9 advanced by Herman Cain.Cain will make a good VP choice for Romney after he is divorced from his 9 9 9 gimmick. Rick Perry who "had" to do well was very subdued and did not make much of an impression. John Huntsman came across as a not very nice person who acted like he was too good for the other candidates. He often would not watch the other debaters and kept looking at the audience when other candidates were speaking. He gave the impression he wanted to be someplace else and he soon will be. Rick Santorum had a good point that family is important in a democracy but often reminded me of the kid in class who raised his hand all the time. Ron Paul was Ron Paul. I just can not warm up to Michelle Bachman.

In the end, it comes down to this. The United States and the world are are facing an economic meltdown and who do you want at the helm of the ship of state in such a storm. Someone who is politically pure or a smart, leader like Romney. Romney and his family will never embarrass the United States.

What with the Chris Christie endorsement and his debate performance it was a good day for Mitt.