Friday, October 21, 2011

Oregon vs Colorado 1979

On Saturday my Oregon Ducks will play the Colorado Buffalo's in Boulder. Thirty two years ago in 1979 my wife and I attended another game there between the Ducks and Buffalo's. We had been married just a few years and it was before kids. It was a late summer car trip to the Rocky Mountain states. My brother-in-law was a graduate student at Colorado in astrophysics. (or something like that). We visited him and slept on the floor of his studio apartment. Before I left I had gotten tickets from the Oregon Athletic Department for the game. On the Saturday of the game he took us by his graduate department and introduced us to some of his fellow grad student who were so condescending about the game. "Hope you can give us a good game" etc.

This was just about the middle of the "Dark Ages" of Duck Football so not much was expected of the Duck by anyone.

Colorado had just hired "hotshot" coach Chuck Fairbanks as their new coach. He had been the head coach for the New England Patriots and before that at Oklahoma. This was his first game for Colorado and much was expected. The Ducks came into the game as big underdogs. It was a nice day in Boulder and when we got to the game we sat with a small contingent of Oregon fans of 100 or so. In those days Colorado sold Coors beer at the stadium. For Oregon an unheralded JC Quarterback named Reggie Ogbourn" ran for over 108 yards in a 33 to 19 upset victory for the Ducks.

After a few beers the Oregon fans began singing "Rocky Mountain High" with a new word...."Rocky Mountain High.... OREGON...... Rocky Mountain High......OREGON." I remember walking out of the Colorado stadium feeling 10 feet high !! Go Ducks.... Win the day and beat the Buffalo's !