Monday, October 31, 2011

Barry Goldwater:"Grow Up Conservatives"

51 years ago I watched the Republican Convention in Chicago on TV. A United States Senator, I had never heard of, took to the podium and told Conserves to "Grow up" and then withdrew a draft Goldwater move by some Conservative delegates who were unhappy with Richard Nixon. That was my first intoduction to Barry Goldwater.

Mitt Romney is no Richard Nixon but it is again time for Conservatives to "Grow Up." Ronald Reagan is NOT in the race and Mitt Romney will be a good candidate and President.

Jay Nordlinger from National Review makes some good points in his column today"

If you’re a conservative, perhaps you’ve had this same experience: In the past few weeks, several people have said to me, “Have you made your peace with Romney? Have you accepted him as the nominee? Are you resigned to him?” My answer is: I actually look forward to his nomination. And to his candidacy in the general. And to his presidency.
But I think Romney is sufficiently firm. I also think he would be much more conservative as president than he was in Massachusetts. Think how free Bill Clinton was, once he left the Arkansas electorate behind! He could unleash his inner McGovern, so to speak. (Both Bill and Hillary Clinton — or whatever she was calling herself in those days — were lieutenants in the McGovern campaign.)
In 2008, National Review endorsed Romney, and I thought that was a good endorsement.
When you look at the Republican field today — when you watch one of the debates — do you see anyone besides Romney who can beat Obama and be president? Do you really? I find it difficult. And if the nominee is to be someone else, I hope I’m wrong.