Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Romney Train is pulling out of the station !

Mitt Romney was the clear winner of tonight's debate ! If the Republican Party wants to beat Obama then Romney will be the nominee of the party.

Herman Cain will be clubbed to death over 9 9 9, regardless of it's merits, by the Democrats if he is the nominee as he was tonight by his fellow Republicans. He was weak on foreign policy questions particularly the answerer he gave earlier to the question about trading an American hostage for the prisoners at Guantanamo. I still like the guy.

I grew to really dislike Rick Perry tonight. He was more animated but he is an empty suit. He was a jerk to bring up the very old story about the company that did Romney's home landscape maintenance and which hired illegal aliens. It was a bad strategy to keep interrupting Romany. This is a minuscule issue and Perry made himself very small by bringing it up. Romney was great when he told Perry: "I know you have had a couple of bad debates."

Rick Santorum was booed by the audience for interrupting Romney and even Newt was prickly tonight.

Tonight my head AND heart belong to Romney. If you want to beat Obama then the only viable choice is Romney !

"Romney demonstrated who the is leader of the pack." Rich Galen from his Mullings column

"He (Perry) didn’t look tough, just rude." John Pitney Jr., Professor of Government Claremont McKenna College