Friday, May 28, 2010

Why Obama Administration has a hard time calling radical Islam.... well "radical Islam" !

(60's radical Bill Ayers)

E.THOMAS McCLANAHAN, a columnist for The Kansas City Star, has an excellent column on the subject that was published in today's Medford Mail Tribune.

He writes:

Since the ’60s at least, those on the leftish end of the spectrum have had an annoying tendency to place themselves above the nation and what it stands for. They have a profound discomfort with the notion that the country must be defended, an effort that sometimes requires military force.


It’s hard to avoid the conclusion that a lot of the people who came to Washington with Obama carry intellectual residue from this era. How else to explain the comical difficulty they have in coming up with a straightforward term for an enemy that turned airlines into missiles and revels in the slaughter of innocent civilians?


Part of it, he said, is that many see a world dominated by cultures that, however impoverished, are somehow “authentic,” where the culture of the West is artificial and false and therefore inferior.

“We look at ourselves in the Western countries and we say that, if we are rich, relatively speaking, as a society, it is because we have plundered our wealth from other people,” Berman said. “Our wealth is a sign of guilt. If we are powerful … it is because we treat people in other parts of the world in oppressive and morally objectionable ways.”

Bottom line: We should feel guilty about our success and freedom, because these are only symptoms of “how morally inferior we are.”

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