Saturday, May 15, 2010

Movie: "Robin Hood" (2010) *****

Just got back from Medford's Tinseltown where my wife and I saw 'Robin Hood". Yes, it's 5 *out of 5*. What a great movie ! If you liked "Braveheart" you will like this movie. It's only a notch below "Braveheart" but the fact it is close makes this a very good movie I will buy it on Blu-ray when it's released to home video. It's the kind of BIG historical movie they used to make such as "Lawrence of Arabia," "Spartacus" or "The Longest Day." Unlike prior Robin Hood movies this deals more with the history of England with lots of big battles and political intrigue.The movie centers around a plot by the French King to invade England. Robin has returned to England after the Crusades and helps repel the French invaders. There are emotional moments of personal loss and a love story too. Russel Crow is the muscular kind of hero we used to see on the Big Screen years ago before the "sensitives" guys took over. He's the best man's man making movies since John Wayne died and Clint Eastwood got old. I give it my highest recommendation!

As a side note, while we were waiting in line inside the lobby I noticed just about every group had an "old guy" like me who was taking his wife and or kids to see this movie. This is the kind of movie they used to make and we "old guys" remember. They showed about 5 previews before the movie started and there is not one I would even rent on Netflix!

My Netflix movie tonight is "Piece of Cake" a BBC movie about the RAF in WW II which is about another group of Englishmen who were also trying to stop an invasion of England a "few" years latter.