Friday, May 28, 2010

H..J. Cohn: New DAF Representative for Southern Oregon

The University of Oregon Athletic Department has announced that H.J. Cohn will be the new Regional Duck Athletic Fund (DAF) Representative for Southern Oregon and Northern California based here in Medford, Oregon. Here is part of an email I received from the present representative Joe Ancell:

Iam excited to announce to you that H.J. Cohn has been hired as the new Regional Director of Development for Southern Oregon and Northern California. H.J. is a very good friend of mine and I know he is going to do an excellent job for all of you. He is a man of high character and integrity. H.J. is from Lake Oswego and graduated from Lakeridge in 2004. Enrolled at U of O and worked with the basketball program as a manager, film coordinator and on scout team from 2004-2009. In June 2009 he began interning at the DAF and did some of the following: -Hosted 2009 football honorary captains where he coordinated a weekend experience for former football players that were honored at midfield during home football games-Hosted and coordinated 2nd annual football reunion to bring back former football players and their families to be honored at the Utah game last year-Last Pac-10 season at Mac Court he hosted and coordinated all home and away honorary captains including the likes of Bill Walton, Lute Olson, Ronnie Lee and Admiral John Dick-Worked over the last 8 months on creating a commemorative book for MAC Court-During his internship with the DAF he worked on the arena whether it was updating or helping Kurt Zimmerman.-Stunts and Gymnastics on court announcer -Helped set up Matthew Knight Monday Open Houses I will continue to serve as Regional Director for Southern Oregon until July 1st. H.J. will be spending time with me over the next month as this transition takes place. Please email H.J. at and introduce yourself. I will formally introduce H.J. at the Duffin Dinner and Auction. (Thursday June 3 in Medford at the Rogue Valley Country Club) See you all next week and Go Ducks!

Welcome H.J. to Medford and Southern Oregon. We will miss Joe and wish him the best with his new job for the Oregon Athletic Department in Eugene. Go Ducks!