Thursday, May 06, 2010

Military Court Marshal finds Navy Seal NOT guilty

The Navy SEAL was charged with assault for allegedly roughing up a prisoner in his custody. The prisoner is Ahmed Hashim Abed, who is the suspected masterminded the grisly killings of four American contractors in Iraq six years ago. Now all three of the charged Navy Seals have been found not guilty at their Court Marshal trials. This reminds me of a scene in the John Ford Directed Movie "Rio Grande" (1950) staring John Wayne as Lt. Col Kirby York and J Carol Nash as Lt. General Phil Sheridan. Both served together for the North in the Civil War and now are fighting Apache Indians in the Southwest in the United States Calvary. This movie was one of John Ford's "Calvary Trilogy".

Late in the movie there is a conversation between Wayne (Yorke) and Gen. Sheridan (Nash) after the Apache Indians raid the army post and kidnap a wagon full of children from the post and escape across the Rio Grande River into Mexico

Sheridan: "Now I'll probably ruin your army career. I'm going to issue an order and give it to you personally. I want you to cross the Rio Grande. Hit the Apache and burn them out. I'm tired of hit and run. I'm sick of diplomatic hide and seek. .... be prepared to remain all winter. All next winter if necessary.

Wayne: I've waited a long time for that order sir. Which, of course I didn't hear."

Sheridan: Of course you-didn't hear. I assure you if you fail the members of your court marshal will be the men who rode with us down the Shenandoah. I'll hand pick them my self."

Wayne: "Shenandoah"

Sheridan: "I wonder what history will say about Shenandoah?"

Wayne: "How about a cup of coffee? You'll find it stronger!"


I wonder if Lt. Col Oliver North saw this movie ?