Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Mark Turgeon AND Bill Byrne to Oregon ?

****It probably will never happen but why not ! Oregon needs both a new men's basketball coach AND a new Athletic Director. Both men have worked at Oregon. Mark Turgeon was an assistant basketball coach to Jerry Green and Bill Byrne was our Athletic Directer in the 1980's when the athletic department had a much smaller budget.He got us into our first bowl game in a long time. He is a very creative guy. The folks in Nebraska, where he was the AD, called him "Dollar Bill" but we still love him in Oregon. What a package deal!. This idea is not original with me as I saw it posted on a "comment section" of an Internet news story earlier today. Both are now at Texas A&M as basketball coach and AD. But given the choice between living in College Station, Texas and Eugene, Oregon it's a no brainier. Don't get me wrong, I love Texas, their people and their spirit, (sports and otherwise).... "Remember the Alamo" etc. but the land is not hospitable. I have been to Texas and it's a nice place to visit but......... They both need to come home.... once a Duck always a Duck.