Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Back in the Saddle Again!

*****La Qunita motels are running an ad on TV with the picture of Gabby Hayes talking. However, the "voice over" they use is done by an impersonator who sounds a lot more like Walter Brennan( lower picture) than Gabby Hayes (top picture).

As a kid growing up I loved Western Movies and still do. Many of the cowboy heroes had a "sidekick" for comic humor and both Water Brennan and Gabby Hayes were very good in that role. However Gabby Hayes had a much lower gravely voice and Walter Brennan had a high pitched voice. I guess La Quinta figured there are not enough of us "old timers" to be able to tell the difference. Both actors are gone now but they are not forgotten.

As Gabby Hayes would say: "yer durn tootin'! you young whippersnappers" or "durn persnickety female"

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To listen to the real George "Gabby" Hayes click on this link of a youtube post.