Friday, June 22, 2007

Left wing Roger Ebert

Today in his review of the movie "A Mighty Heart"(about journalist Daniel Pearl)Movie reviewer Roger Ebert makes an outrageous comment for which he should apologise. He states: "The Americans who complain about negative news are the ideological cousins of those who shoot at CNN crews. The news is the news, good or bad and those who resent being informed of it are pitiful." People, Right or Left, who complain of biased news reporting are exercising their First Amendment Rights! I love FOX NEWS but Democrats have every right to criticise it even if they are wrong. To compare them or those on the Right who criticise the "Main Stream Media" with being the "ideological cousins" of Islamic fascist" who shoot at reporters or in the case of Danial Pearl, behead a reporter and show the world a video of it, is an outrageous comment and I for one will not allow this slur to go unchanged. It's the old "moral equivalency" argument that paralyses the western world in it's fight with the Islamic fascist.

I guess this is the same Roger Ebert who in another review said:

I still have my membership card in Students for a Democratic Society, signed by Tom Hayden, who handed it to me at a National Student Congress in 1963, and tucked the $1 membership fee in the pocket of his flannel shirt. SDS in those days was still the "Student Department of the League for Industrial Democracy," an old-line left-labor group headed by Norman Thomas, whose statement on the back of the card made it clear the organization was nonviolent and anti-communist. Within a few years, SDS would be captured by a far-left faction which became the Weather Underground, the most violent protest group in modern American history

(For a link to the review where this last quote is found click on the title above.)

As a side note, Ebert is battling cancer and we all hope he wins that battle.In spite of his left wing views I always read his movie reviews and find them interesting and they give me a good feel for the movie from his perspective.