Friday, June 22, 2007

New Counter Tops

Today we had new counter tops installed in our kitchen and both bathrooms. For the last 20 + years we have had 1970's burnt orange counter tops in our kitchen and the "kids bath". My wife has grown to hate those counter tops but with two kids to raise and get through college there were other priorities. Well, today those orange counter tops are history. A few days ago I ask my wife how long she has disliked the old counter tops and she said it started a year after we move into the house 20+ years ago. They were in good condition and I liked the orange. The new counter tops are a beige/cream with brown speckles. They also installed new sinks. They aren't granite but they should help update our house for eventual sale when we downsize in a few years. My wife stayed home from our office today while they were installed. A plumber was to come by about 3 pm to hock up all three sinks. He showed up and asked what faucet need to be fixed? She said he was scheduled to connect the three sinks and he seemed puzzled. He was able to hook up the kitchen but didn't have time to do the other two. My wife was very upset! By the time he advise us of this fact it was too late to reschedule a new appointment for Monday through the plumbing company's office. He did seem to indicate he would fit us in on Monday but to say the least we are not happy!!!! The idea was he would come at 3 pm after the counters were installed and it would be done in one day with only one day away from our office. Such are the frustrations of depending on others in home improvement projects. The counter tops look good and I am sure it will get done next week. Lesson... do not schedule one day projects for Friday! More updates on our home improvement projects to come up the master bath "re bath."