Wednesday, June 06, 2007

John McCain's Campaign is in trouble!

Anyone who has read this blog for a while know I have been a supporter of John McCain for President. Today I am suspending my support for John McCain. Don't get me wrong, if he wins the Republican nomination I will whole heartily work and support him. However, I now believe he can not get the Republican nomination because of his support for an "amnesty" program on ILLEGAL immigrants. Tonight on the FOX NEWS "Hannity and Colmes" show pollster Frank Luntz gave a devastating blow to the McCain campaign based upon a focus group he ran of New Hampshire Republicans that watched the Republican Debate last night on CNN. Several of the people in the focus group came in as McCain supporters and voted for him 8 years ago when he ran against George Bush. Their comments were along the lines of "He looks old" "He is showing his age" "He has lost it" , "He is wrong on immigration" , "He talked like he was just filling up the time" , "He rambled" "he didn't have any energy" I am paraphrasing hear. Luntz said it was the most devastating turn around he has ever seen from a focus group and he has been running focus groups for years. The immigration issue is tearing the Republican party apart and McCain is in the minority. I am personally willing to look past the issue because of my admiration for John McCain, However, I now believe it is such a hot issue that if McCain got the nomination he would tear the Republican party apart. I am not supporting any candidate as of now but it now comes down to Romney, Giuliani,and Thompson.