Wednesday, June 13, 2007

"Fightin’ words Iran must hear: End border raids or bombs away;" by Jay Ambrose

"Can you believe that Joe Lieberman? Iran has gone to war with us, sending troops across its border with Iraq to kill perhaps as many as 200 of our soldiers, and Lieberman wants to stop them.

His gall doesn’t end with saying that Iran should be asked to quit it, which the administration has done. He has gone so far as to propose we take military action against the base where hostile soldiers are being trained.

He is not talking about a massive ground invasion. Air power ought to do the trick, he says, adding that military strategists are the ones who actually ought to decide such things. Simply getting serious and telling Iran what’s coming and meaning it might do the trick, too, which is to say, Lieberman has gone much, much too far......

There is another issue, too, that it seems to me resides behind this one. Showing backbone against Iran in this way and othersmight give it some pause about its plans to develop nuclear weapons, the last thing we want to do, of course.

Imagine that the portion of the world we might reasonably call civilized stood up as one and said, no ifs, maybes or buts, Iran: If you don’t quit your nuclear-development activities, we will encircle you economically, cut you off, let you shrink to a kind of nothingness. And if you nevertheless persist, if you keep strutting about with your insane rhetoric about destroying Israel while simultaneously devising the means to do just that and possibly blackmail Europe and even begin a monstrous nuclear conflagration that could engulf the Middle East and spread beyond it, we will take joint action to defang you - to destroy your nuclear facilities and neuter your armed forces."
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