Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Three Men in a Tub

Last night I got home from night court at 9 pm and it was there on the hallway floor near what we used to call "The Kids Bathroom." It was a kids bath toy our children used to play with 20 + years ago. Two of the three men are missing and the bell in the bottom of the "tub" is corroded; but, it brought back a flood of memories of another time. As I stated in an earlier post we are having new counter tops (not granite) put into our kitchen and bathrooms on Friday and my wife was cleaning out the cabinets below the sinks. She found the bath toy in the back of the cabinet under the sink in "The Kids Bathroom". We have been going through a lot of our stuff this Summer sorting things out for our garage sale in July and/or Goodwill or the dump.My wife threw away a lot of "stuff" under that sink but set the toy aside. I think there is space in in the back of the cabinet under the sink for a "tub" with a corroded bell and one of the three men.