Friday, October 19, 2012

Special Report Investigates:Death and Deceit in Benghazi

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    If you care about this country you will watch an hour long  documentary made by Fox News reporter Bret Baier. It will make your blood boil ! I just watched it earlier tonight and find I can't get it out of my mind.   It brings together what happened in Benghazi Libya including a detailed description of the attack on our consulate up through  the Presidential debate last Tuesday. The report is like something out of the movie "Black Hawk Down" combined with "All the Presidents Men" The Documentary will be re broadcast on FOX NEWS  at 1 AM Eastern Time (10 Pacific) and on Sunday at 3 PM & 10 PM Eastern  (12 Noon & 7 Pacific) Bret deserves a Pulitzer and an Emmy!!!! Very Powerful.
  • A massacre in Libya ends in the deaths of four Americans.
    In an exclusive interview, Bret Baier reveals the hidden story behind the killings. What did Washington know and when?
    Plus, Greg Palkot is on the ground with a moment-by-moment account of the attack, Catherine Herridge searches for signs of growing Al Qaeda power, and Ed Henry has the latest White House reaction.

    Have your DVR ready!!!

  • John Nolte's review of the documentary:

  • For starters, Fox News' Bret Baier has tirelessly (and thus far, flawlessly) done superb work in connecting the Libya dots. Last night was his best reporting yet in an hour-long "Special Report" that focused exclusively on Benghazi -- from the security failures and heart-wrenching details of the attack itself, straight through to the White House cover up that would follow.
    The special reruns Sunday on Fox News at 3 and 10pm Eastern, and if you haven't already, I urge you to tune in (it's on YouTube, as well). Baier does deliver some new news -- including an interview with the head of the U.S. Embassy's Site Security Team. Known as the SST, this was a 16-member Special Operations unit that we're told might've made the difference in the hours-long firefight that ensued the night of the attack.
    Inexplicably, and against the wishes of the Libyan Embassy staff, the SST was pulled out in August even as security conditions worsened. Targeted attacks against Westerners were on the rise, including attacks against the consulate itself. The only reason the removal of this team makes sense is through a political prism. Apparently, the Obama Administration was worried an extension of the SST's stay would send a signal that Libya wasn't as flawless of a lead-from-behind success as advertised.
    Baier devotes an entire segment to the details of the actual seven-hour attack -- and it's both harrowing and inspiring. You won't soon forget the individual stories of heroism as American security forces risk all to protect Ambassador Chris Stevens and another diplomat. Of course, Stevens and his staff showed just as much bravery in doing their duty even as other Westerners fled Benghazi as the security situation crumbled.