Monday, October 22, 2012

Can you say President Romney!

After the third Presidential Debate, America is ready for a new President.  At the end of the debate you could see defeat in President Obama's face as he went to hug his wife. He knew he hadn't done what was necessary.  He may have been on the attack most of the night but there were few damaging hits and Romney showed he was thoughtful, knowledgeable, calm and Presidential.  In the end, President Obama couldn't defend his record of the last four years or give any hope that four more years would be any different. His only ploy was to attack Mitt "Romney who looked past him and talked directly to the American People.  With Mitt Romney, America has found a moderate, competent  administrator who gives it the best chance of fixing it's terrible  economy, mounting debt and crisis of confidence. 

Obama's supporters were momentarily boosted by Obama's sound and fury but in the end they saw Romney standing tall and headed to the Presidency.  A good night for America!