Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Candy Crowley and the Replacement Referee

How would you like to be Candy Crowley, waking up on the morning after being the moderator of a high stakes Presidential Debate, with that sick feeling in the pit of her stomach that no matter what she accomplishes in the rest of her life, she will always be remembered for the biggest screw up of a debate moderator in United States Presidential debate history?

You could see in her eyes and manner she realized her mistake as soon as she spoke out as a “fact checker” and not a debate moderator. In realizing her mistake she tried to back track and state both sides of the Libyan Benghazi cover-up issue but it was too late. Worse, she was wrong!  Later on in  CNN’s post debate coverage she attempted a mea culpa but again it was too late.

All week in the lead up to the debate she had attempted to make the debate more about her as the moderator and she succeeded in her worst nightmare.

In the many years to come political historians will refer back to her mistake as what not to do as a moderator and the video clip will be played over and over much as Nixon’s performance in  the 1960 debate. This will be the opening line in her biography.

Today Candy joins the replacement ref, who a few weeks ago, called a “winning” Seattle Seahawks touchdown catch in the last second of a football game with the Green Bay Packers.