Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Paul Ryan has invigorated me politically

Paul Ryan has picked up the fallen flag of my kind of Conservatism and I have been giddy since I picked up the rumors on Twitter Friday night and he was to be formally picked by Mitt Romney on Saturday. In fact, I couldn't sleep very well Friday night in anticipation of the 7 AM PST  ceremony   at the site of the Battleship  Wisconsin  in Hampton Roads , Va.  I feel like a love sick teenager!

The line of succession  started with Goldwater, Reagan, Kemp and now Ryan. Since Jack Kemp died there has been no one I could say spoke for me in the leadership of my Republican Party. I had a very short "affair" with Sarah Palin but it didn't last very long when I realized there was not much there...there!

I can watch Ryan give a speech or interview and not be on "pins and needles" about a misstatement or mishap.  He has the easy likability of a Reagan and the enthusiasm of a Jack Kemp.He is a happy warrior.  He is Jimmy Stewart! He is smart  and fast on his feet. He articulates my love for America and the things that make it great. He knows the issues and can state them in  a way Americana's can understand. On the other hand he does not speak down to Americans. He and his family are perfect ! He is the Conservative Kennedy in that regard only in Ryan's case it is real.

In 1968 I wanted Nixon to pick Reagan for VP and we got Spiro Agnew..... enough said!

In 1976 I wanted Ford to pick Reagan for VP  and we got Bob Dole. A war hero but  also a political hack.

In 1980 I wanted Reagan to pick Jack Kemp for VP and not George H.W. Bush. George is a terrific guy but he would not lead the next generation of Conservatism and I was proved right.

In 1988 I wanted George H.W. Bush to pick Jack Kemp and we got Dan Quayle. I like Quayle but he wasn't the leader we needed for the next generation of Conservatism.

In 1996  Bob Dole finally did pick Jack Kemp for VP but it was too late.

In 2000  George W. Bush made an excellent pick for VP when he picked Dick Chaney. However because of heath issues Chaney would not lead the next generation of Conservatism.

Finally, when the hour is late for America, Paul Ryan is picked by Mitt Romney. The pick by Romney is a credit to him and gives me a lot of hope for his Presidency.

Time to make one last charge for the cause. Conservatives "saddle up."