Sunday, August 12, 2012

Medicare as we know it under Obama

As someone on Medicare here are a few facts worth considering

Fact 1 . According to The Hill newspaper Medicare will go broke no later than 12 short years from now:
The Medicare trust fund will be “exhausted” — meaning it won’t have enough money on hand to cover the benefits it’s supposed to provide — by 2024, the trustees said, the same time frame anticipated in a report last year. Social Security will reach that tipping point in 2033, three years earlier than predicted last year.
“Under current law, both of these vitally important programs are on unsustainable paths,” Trustee Robert Reischauer said Monday.
Fact 2.  Obama took 700 billion dollars from Medicare to pay for Obama Care. Today Obama's Deputy Campaign Manager, Stephanie Cutter, said on Face the Nation on CBS:
"On top of the savings we’ve already achieved. You know I heard Mitt Romney deride the $700 billion cuts in Medicare that the president achieved through health care reform," 

Fact 3. Even the Washington Post "fact checkers" admitted that Romney and Ryan would protect those of us over the age of 55 under any plan they would consider to make Medicare solvent.

Obama is only worried about the next election but Romney/Ryan are willing to tell us the truth and plan for future generations of Americans.