Saturday, August 11, 2012

Dreams Do Come True

In May of 2011..... yes over a year ago, our son wrote this as part of a survey of the Republican field for President:

Paul Ryan. If he enters the race he would skyrocket to the top of this list. For years Republican candidates have been trying to claim the mantle of Reagan. With everyone being a “Reagan Republican” the concept has lost all meaning. Paul Ryan seems to have his own magic, and carries an aura that seems to inspire the base akin to Reagan before he became the legend. As a protégé of Jack Kemp, Ryan seems to represent the best the GOP has to offer. At this point Ryan seems inclined to stay in the House of Representatives. So far he has denied any intention to run for the White House, but has opened the door somewhat in his wording. He has been under a lot of pressure to jump in the ring. We’ll see.

At that time I said in response:

"We can only hope

Sometimes good things do happen! Win or lose Ryan is the future of the Republican party and that is good.