Thursday, March 29, 2012

Time for Conservatives to Rally to Mitt Romney

The Leaders of the Conservative cause are starting to rally to Mitt Romney. Last week it was South Carolina  Senator Jim DeMint and Jeb Bush.This week it is Florida senator Marco Rubio and now congressmen Paul Ryan.  It's time for all Conservatives to join them to start the campaign against President  Barack Obama. The "hot mic" incident, where it was revealed that  Obama will, if reelected,  go even farther to the Left in appeasing  the despots of this dangerous world , should send a chill down the spine of every Conservative.   That combined with the huge debt that is swallowing us should sober us all up and demonstrate that  our differences are minor in comparison to the danger that hovers over the United States.

Preventing the reelection of President Obama will not be easy.  For all his weakness abroad he is a skilled  Chicago street fighter in domestic politics and will continue his class warfare in an attempt to stay in office.His allies in the public employee unions will spend  millions to keep their patron saint in the White House.

It's been said before, but this is the most important election in a long long time.  If  Obama is reelected there will be no going back. We will withdraw from leadership in a dangerous world and economically  there will be no return from the road to serfdom. We will enter a world were freedom will be gone and we will wish every day we could replay the election of 2012.

Mitt is not perfect and some of us have longed for others with better Conservative credentials.. They, for various reasons, have  elected to stand on the sidelines. Mitt Romney HAS been willing to lead and we should rally to him in this time of testing.

 Cross the line and stand with Mitt Romney!