Tuesday, March 06, 2012


Around our house Super Tuesday is as big as Super Sunday. We bought some frozen TGIF BBQ buffalo wings for Super Bowl Sunday and then had too much food so I saved them for tonight. Why isn't Super Tuesday a National Holiday? It will be a long night because I will not be able to sleep till we get a declared winner in all 10 states including Alaska which will come in late.

Poll closing times according to PST:

4:00PM: Vermont, Georgia,Virgina

4:30PM: Ohio (the big one)

5:00PM: Massachusetts, Oklahoma, Tennessee

6:00PM: Idaho

7:00PM: North Dakota

8:00PM: None

9:00PM: Alaska


Romney: Vermont, Virginia, Massachusetts, Idaho (Won all)

Santorum: Oklahoma

Gingrich: Georgia

Too close to call: Ohio,Romney Won) Tennessee, North Dakota, Alaska (Romney Won)


Mitt Romney won 6 of 10 ( Vermont,Virginia,Massachusetts,Idaho,Alaska and the "big enchilada" Ohio)

Time for the Republican party to unit behind Mitt!

btw the "buffalo wings" were good last night and my head did not hit the pillow until Alaska was called for Romney at 11:46 PM PST.