Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I Will Miss C-SPAN's Brian Lamb

It was announced this week that Brian Lamb, the head of C-SPAN, is stepping down. Brian is my favorite TV interviewer and he will be missed.David Brooks has a wonderful article about why he will be missed. Click on the title for a link.

Two quotes from the article:

The broadcast network interviewers ask mostly about emotions and feelings. On many of the cable talk shows, the host is the star so the questions are really rococo essays that render the answers superfluous. And when you cast your eye out to the broader culture, you see even more that curiosity about simple facts has been submerged amidst the more sophisticated interest in theory and perceptions....

Indeed, when you step back far enough you begin to appreciate that C-SPAN is so far out of tune with the times that it has become an intellectual counterculture. Especially on the weekends, the people who fill its screens seem quaintly and bravely out of step: the historian who has devoted her career to researching Pickett's Charge, the auctioneer who specializes in rare 18th-century books, the biographer who has spent years describing John Adams.