Friday, March 09, 2012

Larry Sabato

Who has the best job on America? I can make a good argument that is is Professor Larry Sabato of the University of Virginia. I am a political junkie and I can't get enough of him this political season. He is head of the University of Virginia Center for Politics.
According to Wikipedia:
Larry Joseph Sabato (born August 7, 1952) is an American political scientist and analyst. He is the Robert Kent Gooch Professor of Politics at the University of Virginia, and director of its Center for Politics. He founded Sabato's Crystal Ball, an online newsletter and website that provides free political analysis and electoral projections. He has been called "the most-quoted college professor in the land"[1] and a "pundit with an opinion for every reporter’s phone call."[2]

I get his free Internet newsletter "Crystal Ball"; I read his numerous "tweets" (does he ever sleep); and watch him on FOX NEWS. I love his irreverent and informative tweets particularly during Presidential debates and on nights while watching election returns. I print off his newsletter and highlight key points with a yellow highlighter and put it in my "Election" three ring binder.
He is not always right in his political analysis but he is so much better than what passes for political analysis today. I truly do not know what his personal political views are! He ranks up their with Britt Hume and Pat Caddell for people I highly respect in interpreting political events. He does have one of the best jobs in America !