Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Cal Trip Story

Last weekend I and a group of Oregon Duck fans from Southern Oregon took a charter bus trip to the Oregon vs Cal football game in Berkeley, California. My Number 1 Ducks won the Saturday night game in a squeaker 15 to 13. After the game our bus took the group back to the hotel and many of us headed to the Hotel bar/bistro for some adult beverages and dinner to celebrate. The following is my buddy's description of what happened to the two of us when we stopped by the bar's restroom:

True story.

A buddy (me) and I were at our hotel restaurant restroom in Lafayette after the game taking care of business and getting ready to have a celebratory drink and order dinner. This mind you, was last Saturday night after the Cal game.

We're standing there washing our hands talking about the game, and this voice comes from inside the freakin restroom stall telling us how impolite and arrogant Duck fans are. How the Ducks have the worst fans in the Pac10. How he can't stand them. It's a freakin Husky fan...no shi*. Really, he identified himself as a UW fan. He is doing this while sitting on the can.

We are so stunned we can't think of anything to say except mumble about what an idiot their AD is, and how he must not have lived in Seattle during the 1960's to 1980's.( when the Huskies would run up the score on the hapless Ducks)

He throws open the stall door, and flees out of the restroom without taking time to wash his hands.

We go back to our table and think of 14 different things we wish we had said if we hadn't been so taken aback by the arrogance of the S.O.*. And, believe me, our 14 things each would have been great.

But, it just goes to show you that Husky (jerks) are everywhere. I'm already looking forward to 8 in a row in Seattle next year.

And they wonder why we hate them ! We told the story to our dinner companions and then to everyone on the bus on the way back to Oregon. We weren't even playing the Huskies that weekend. Everyone in our group found it incredible that a perfect stranger siting in a bathroom stall would find it appropriate to attack Duck fans who weren't even talking about the Huskies. Incredible !

As to the game itself there were approximately 20,000 Duck fans at the game and were about 1/3 of those in attendance which was 61,000. The Cal Bear kicker went to kick a potentially game winning field goal at end zone where all the Duck fans were and blamed our noise for causing him to draw a flag for moving before the ball was hiked thus requiring him to kick it again and this time he he was wide of the uprights.

The only way to describe Cal's Memorial Stadium is "shabby chic." The San Andreas Fault (HAYWARD SECTION) runs under the stadium from goal to goal and you can see that parts of the cement stadium have separated due to earth movement that was kindly pointed out to us by a Cal fan. Before the game started the PA announcer gave us instructions, illustrated on the stadium big screen, on how to evacuate the place in the event of an earth quake. It reminded me of the instruction we received in school during the Cuban Missile Crisis in the event of a Russian missile attack.