Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Arizona and Mike Stoops

Arizona will play Oregon very tough this Friday on ESPN TV.

The following is from Bob Rickert's blog over at the Oregonian which he posted a few years year ago before Oregon played Arizona in Pac-10 football:

"We lost but at least we took out a couple of their quarterbacks." That's what Stoops said after Oregon used third string quarterback Brady Leaf to beat them anyway last year.....
His team ended Clemens' career last year and gloated about it. Then knocked out Dixon with a cheap shot to the head when it looked like he was sliding to protect himself.
Yes, Mike Stoops, the Arizona Wildcats coach is the brother of that guy at Oklahoma. Must run in the family.

Given Mike Stoops emotional temperament on the sidelines during games, Arizona AD Greg Byrne (A great guy), would be wise to have a portable defibrillator available because this guy is a candidate for a heart attack.

UPDATE: Don't believe me then read this Wall Street Journal news story by clicking on the title above for a link. One quote from the article:

"....the best part of many football games is watching a coach blow his lid over a seemingly benign incident. With that in mind, you may want to tune in to the Brothers Stoops, Mike and Bob, in this weekend's games...."

The Journal than does a analysis of last weeks games to determine which Stoops brother is the worst......guess who "wins" the "honor" !!!!!!!! Click on the title to find out !

I swear I posted my comments above yesterday before finding the Journal article today.