Thursday, November 04, 2010

Bud Withers: On what Duck Football used to be like

Seattle "Times college football reporter Bud Withers covered the Oregon Ducks back in the bad, old days, during years of bumbling teams and horrible facilities" for the Eugene Register Guard newspaper before he went over to the dark side and moved to Seattle. "Fans who are amazed to see the Ducks at No. 1 now don't know the half of it."

Click on the title for a link to his column today on what it was like. For this "old Duck" it's a trip down memory lane. One quote from the column:

Oregon went unranked for 17 years, from 1970 to 1987.

The Oregon football I knew was the one that once lost to San Jose State, 5-0, and Fresno State, 10-4. Who loses 5-0 and 10-4?

Every "young" Duck fan should read this article to understand why we "old" Ducks have a fatalistic view for every game and why for us no lead is enough for the Ducks not to "blow it."

The picture above is of Oregon QB Dan Fouts. Note all the umbrellas in the stands.
Fans used to have whole sections of the stadium to themselves because of lack of attendance at games and there was enough room so everyone could open their umbrella which are now baned in the stadium.

Go Ducks win the day and beat the hated Huskies.