Friday, April 30, 2010

Oregon's Spring Football Game

Tomorrow, Saturday May 1st is Oregon's Spring football game. In reality it is nothing more than a glorified inter squad scrimmage to end Spring football practices. Why do we fans make so much of it then? (see posts below) Why travel three hours from Medford to Eugene and then three hours back? My wife thinks it's silly we fans put so much emotion into a game where Oregon essentially "is playing itself."

It's May, and it has been four loooooong months since the last game of the season at the Rose Bowl on January 1st. It will be another loooooong four months till the first game in the fall. If you are a football "junkie" it is our only real chance to get a "fix" to hold us through the Summer. It's also a game where you can relax and enjoy the atmosphere and not worry about winning or loosing. You can watch specific players and see how they are doing. I will be watching the quarterbacks to see who will replace %*&^%$#@. What can I say....... I do love it ! Go Ducks !