Sunday, April 18, 2010

Oregon's Quest for a Basketball Coach (UPDATED 4/23/10)

****I must be strange. I am enjoying the University of Oregon's long quest for a new basketball coach. The hour-by-hour updates from the Eugene Register Guard newspaper's website, the Portland Oregonian newspaper's website, Duck Sports and from my friend "IaHawkDuck". Googling the new names of possible coaches as their names are mentioned. Oregon donor, booster and former AD, Pat Kilkenny(picture above),leads this quest for a basketball coach flying across America in his private jet in constant communication with Phil Knight and Oregon Assistant AD Joe Giansante. (and assumable the U of O President)This is a “road picture”. It’s like that commercial they show during football season where a ref, at a football game, looks into the replay screen on the sidelines and looks into a bar where a lot of fans are enjoying the game and they ask the ref to send it into overtime. :) More chicken wings please! Folks, the search just went into overtime. Enjoy it while it lasts. What coach will get the honor to coach in the new area, "Matt Court", (picture above) named for Phil Knights son. Where will Pat Kilkenny jet to next? He has already been to Spokane Washington, Indianapolis Indiana, New York City , El Paso Texas and St. Louis Missouri.... where next? Wheels up ...... I think I will make another pot of coffee! Let's Go Ducks!

(Click title above to track Kilkenny's jet)

UPDATED (4/21/10) Pat Kilkenny's private jet is headed from his home in San Diego to Dallas, Texas ?????

UPDATED ( 4/22/10)"Back on the road again" Pat Kilkneey's private jet is now headed from Dallas, Texas to Indianapolis, Indiana ??? ( It is now in Indianapolis)

UPDATED (4/23/10) Buzz Williams at Marquette ??? (love the name) or Brian Gregory at Dayton ?????? developing......

(Click title above to track Kilkenny's jet)