Monday, July 13, 2009

The Democrats’ War on the CIA Continues by Marc Thiessen

From National Reviews "the Corner" blog on disclosure of CIA's plans to kill al-Qaeda operatives:

That Congressional Democrats are outraged by this program speaks volumes about the state of their party on national security. The fact that the CIA was trying to kill al-Qaeda operatives should not be a point of outrage — it should be a point of pride.
These latest attacks on the CIA will only serve to put the agency even further on the defensive when we really need the on the offensive against the terrorists. The men and women of the CIA were vilified after 9/11 for failing to connect the dots and stop the attack. Now they are being vilified for doing what was necessary to connect the dots and stop the next 9/11.

With these actions the Obama administration and Congressional Democrats are making another terrorist attack more likely. This is irresponsible, dangerous, and Americans may die as a result.

The only problem with the CIA program is they didn't kill any, as far as I can tell, al-Qaeda operatives!

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