Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Trip Journal, Day 8: "Lexington Kentucky"

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

This was our first full day in Lexington Kentucky. My wife awoke with a bad cold and just didn't feel well. So after our breakfast at the Holiday Inn Express she took a nap and our son took me and his sister for a tour. We first went to the new apartments he will move to in August. They are building this new apartments building complex that is near campus. The apartments are organised into "quad apartments" and will be furnished with flat screen TV's and leather furniture. The place will have a pool, club room and is a major upgrade from the campus housing he now has that was built in the 1950's. I was concerned that the apartments would not be finished in August but after talking to the management people they assured me the construction is on schedule.

He then took us to his favorite coffee house where he likes to hang out with his reading and lap top computer. We had some coffee and good conversation. He then took us to a used CD store that has used vinyl and a great selection of posters. I have not seen such a good store of this type since the 1960's. It was just across the street from the University of Kentucky campus.I bought a used Dylan CD and our daughter got several cd's.

We then went back to the Holiday Inn Express to pick up my wife for lunch. Our son took us to a Cracker Barrel Restaurant. It was a fun place with good food. I have never been to a Cracker Barrel and so it was a fun experience. It was also good that all four of us were back together again.

While in Kentucky and in West Virgina I noticed most people had a southern accent. I wonder it they think we have a strange accent?

After lunch our son had to go to work as a cashier at a restaurant he is working at this summer. He dropped us off at the motel and my wife went back to bed. Our daughter and I then found a Target store where we could get some cold medications for my wife and some birthday items for our son. We then found a grocery store where we got him a decorated cake. We then went back to the motel and had to make a trip to a Walgreen's for some more cold medications and then a Subway for some sandwiches for my wife's dinner.

Our daughter then took me out to eat at a nice Pizza place in a building that used to be a church.

After work our son dropped by the motel so I could take him across the street to a Dairy Queen for a late night snack.