Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Oregon State: "The Beaverly Hillbillies." in Pasadena?

Chris Dufresne of the Los Angeles Times refers to the Oregon State Beavers as "The Beaverly Hillbillies" when writing about the merits of U$C vs Oregon State against Penn State in the Rose Bowl. Click on the title for a link. The exact quote is as follows:

City of Pasadena: Are you kidding? Left with the economic-impact choice of Oregon State or USC, let's hear it for the "The Beaverly Hillbillies."

To all my Beaver friends.... and I do have Beaver friends.... it's not me but the LA Times who called you "Hillbillies".


New words for familiar song:

Come 'n listen to my story 'bout Oregon State football
A poor University , barely ever filled it’s stadium
And then one day, they beat U$C
And up through the polls they did creep
Leader of the Pac.... Pac-10 that is

/ C - G - / - - C - / - - F - / G - - C / - - - - /

Well, the first thing you know, they think... Rose Bowl
Kin folk said, let’s get out of Corvallis
Said, Californy Rose Bowl is the place you oughta be
So they loaded up the truck and they headed to Beverly
Hills, that is, swimmin' pools, movie stars and UCLA

Well, now, one thing they forgot was a game with the Ducks
They would like to forget about those Oregon Ducks.
You're all invited to remember the year 2000
Where a heapin' helpin' of Beaver hospitality ruined a Duck trip
To the Rose Bowl, that is, so set a spell, take your shoes off

Y'all going to El Paso, here!

Let's Go Ducks!