Friday, November 14, 2008

Oregon Ducks vs Arizona Wildcats UPDATE: DUCKS WIN!

Tomorrow afternoon at 3:30 PM the University of Oregon Ducks will have their last home game of the season against the University of Arizona Wildcats of Tuscon.

These are two schools that do not like each other!

Last year I posted the following:

The following is from Bob Rickert's blog over at the Oregonian which he posted a year ago before Oregon played Arizona in Pac-10 football:

"We lost but at least we took out a couple of their quarterbacks." That's what Stoops said after Oregon used third string quarterback Brady Leaf to beat them anyway last year.....
His team ended Clemens' career last year and gloated about it. Then knocked out Dixon with a cheap shot to the head when it looked like he was sliding to protect himself.

Yes, Mike Stoops, the Arizona Wildcats coach is the brother of that guy at Oklahoma. Must run in the family.

Then in the game last year in Tuscon, Oregon's quarterback Dennis Dixon re injured his leg and ended his season and any chances he had for a Heisman Trophy which up to that time were very good. A fairy tale season for the Ducks came to an end on the turf in Tuscon Arizona. Many Arizona fans showed their lack of class and cheered when Dixon went down. Most Oregon fans will NEVER forget the scene of Dixon lying on the field his college career over. For many of us it was like a death in the family that such a gifted and artistic athlete would never put on an Oregon uniform again.

Bring on the Wildcats.......Lets Go Ducks!


We are now back in Medford after our trip to Eugene on Saturday for the game. At half time the ducks were up 45 to 17 and as a long time Duck fan I said "No Duck lead is ever enough" and I was almost proved right. Arizona scored 28 points to come within three points late in the 4th quarter. Then Oregon scored a late touchdown to win 55 to 45. It was NOT a fun game to watch in the 2nd half but the Ducks won and are now 8 and 3 with only the Civil War game to go with Oregon State the Saturday after Thanksgiving. It was a nice night for a football game in Eugene for Oregon's last home game.

My old first year Torts Professor from law school ... now University of Oregon President Dave Frohnmayer rode on the motorcycle that led the team out on the field at the beginning of the game. He is now retiring and this will be the last home game with him as University President. I can remember when he and his young wife would come into a bar near the law school (Duffy's)favored by law students oh so many years ago. I knew by my second class that he was politically ambitious and wanted to be Governor of Oregon ....and he came very close.... but the states loss was the University's gain!

I am not a fan of the teams new black uniforms.... but just win baby!

In addition to going to Eugene for the game we met my sister who drove down from Portland to celebrate her birthday. We had a lunch together at Applebey's in Springfield and then she and my wife went shopping while I went to the game. We got together after the game at our Cottage Grove motel for cake. It was good seeing her and I am glad she is coming down to Medford for Christmas. She and my wife were able to watch the game on TV at the motel while they played cards. She is not a football fan

After I got home it was a nice day outside in Medford so I "raked" leafs with my leaf blower, cleaned out our rain gutters and fixed a leaky faucet in the kitchen.