Wednesday, November 26, 2008

History of the" Civil War"

Doug Binder of the Oregonian has put together a history of every Oregon vs Oregon State game since they first started playing in in 1894.... yes 1894! Click on the title for a link. My favorite game was the 1994 game I watched at home on TV with my family.
1994 The most important Civil War in 30 years is also one of the best of the entire series. Oregon needs to win the Civil War to secure a Rose Bowl berth and the Beavers hope to stop them in front of a frenzied home crowd at Parker Stadium. Trailing 13-10, quarterback Danny O'Neil leads the Ducks on a 70-yard fourth quarter drive. A screen pass to Dino Philyaw goes for 19 yards and a go-ahead score. Earlier, the Beavers had a chance to put the Ducks away but quarterback Don Shanklin tripped on guard Darin Borter's foot on fourth-and-two from the Oregon 14 and went down for a three-yard loss. Oregon's Cristin McLemore left the game to have X-rays but returned to make two key catches on the game-winning drive. After a 17-13 win, the Ducks go on to a Rose Bowl date with Penn State.

A few year before 1994 I had won a bottle of "Len Casanova" wine at a Duck function. Prior to 1994 Oregon had not been to the Rose Bowl since 1958 when Oregon was coached by Len Casanova. Well, Casanova came to Medford for a Duck function and I got him to autograph the bottle. I then pledged I would not open the bottle until Oregon again went to the Rose Bowl. I fully expected I would not live to see that day and would have to "will" the wine to my son. On that day in 1994 the bottle sat on top of the TV until the end of the game. I can remember not being able to just sit and watch the game on TV. I paced all over our home and several times went out on the side deck to cool off. I can still remember the 70 yard drive in the 4th quarter and the return of the injured Cristin McLemore to catch two balls on that drive. What a warrior! After the game we opened that bottle of wine and had a drink and the entire family went to the Rose Bowl.

Go Ducks Beat the Beavers!