Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Time to rally to John McCain !

Super Tuesday has come and gone and John McCain won. It’s time to rally to John McCain. Mitt Romney fought the good fight but it’s now time for him to withdraw from the race and endorse John McCain. Up until tonight I was supporting Mitt Romney but with the loss of California to McCain there is no way Romney can get the nomination. John McCain must reach out to conservatives in a meaningful way or he will not win in November. A McCain /Romney ticket is one way! Whoever he picks as his VP must be a conservative and NOT Mike Huckabee! If Romney is not picked he should go the route Ronald Reagan took after he lost the nomination to Gerald Ford in 1976. He must support the ticket and work for it. After the election he needs to stay in the public eye and could for example become a regular on FOX NEWS or other public forum and then in 2012 run again because even if McCain wins he will probably be a one term President. John McCain is a nation hero and will be a great President and will lead the fight against the Islamic Fascist.