Friday, February 01, 2008

Hang in there Big Guy!

Acccording to the New York Times Mitt Romney’s strategy on Super Tuesday is to split the congressional districts in California as delegates in California are awarded according to which candidate wins each of California’s congressional districts rather than who wins the statewide. The other states he is looking at are as follow:

The Romney campaign is banking on winning Utah, with its heavy concentration of Mormons.

Beyond that, the campaign is also focused on picking off the handful of states holding caucuses or state conventions on Tuesday. The campaign says some minimal organization — it has had at least one paid worker in almost every Feb. 5 state since the fall — and spending can produce results. The states include Colorado, Minnesota, Montana, North Dakota and West Virginia.Adding Alaska, where Mr. Romney’s son Josh has been dispatched, more than 250 delegates are at stake in this first group of states out of the more than 1,000 delegates up for grabs on Tuesday.

The campaign has then drawn up a broader list of battlegrounds where it believes it can be competitive, including Georgia, Illinois, Missouri and Tennessee. Advertising will most likely be focused on those primary states.

The most serious obstacle in many places is Mr. Huckabee, who continues to pull social conservative voters from Mr. Romney.

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