Saturday, February 16, 2008

Simon & Grafunkel

Yesterday I received an email from one of our adult children advising us that our child was going to an Art Garfunkel concert this weekend. Of course, this is the Garfunkel of Simon & Garfunkel. It’s interesting that both of our adult children have become as big of fans of this group as their mother and I. Generally different generations each have their own music but Simon & Gafrunkel seem to span the generations at least in our family. Of course our children like groups and singers I have never heard of but we do have Simon & Garfunkel in common. When ever we go on a car trip together this is the one group we can all agree on The Beach Boys is another one.

I bought my first Simon and Garfunkel record in 1966 when I bought the 45 record of “I am a Rock” at Sprouse Rietz in Coos Bay. I can still remember shopping for records at the Pony Village Pay Less Store in North Bend Oregon in about 1968 and a guy I did not know, volunteered to me that there was nothing better than listening to the “Sounds of Silence” in his car on a new invention called the 8 track tape. I later started buying their albums. While a student at the University of Oregon I saw the Movie “The Graduate” with the wonderful Simon &Garfunkel soundtrack. While at Oregon I got to see the group live at a concert at Mac Court sitting on the middle upper balcony in about 1968 or 69. Since then the family has seen Art Garfunkel in live concert at the Ginger Rogers Theater here in Medford and also at the Britt Festival in Jacksonville. When they had their reunion tour a few years ago we drove to Portland for their concert at The Rose Garden. I still have all their record albums and have now updated so I also have them on CD.