Thursday, October 19, 2006

Press Election Coverage

The "News" stories put out by the main stream media , in their election coverage, are in many cases an attempt by the liberal press to suppress the Republican vote. Tony Snow said as much at his press conference today :
Tony Snow on election coverage: 'These stories almost look like suppression efforts to bring down Republican morale'...
You got that right Tony! Don't get mad get even VOTE!

UPDATE: David Reinhard, the token conservative, on the Oregonian Newspaper Editorial Board has a great column today titled "Evangelical Christians, don't forget to (not) vote." He says the media is telling us all to vote "unless, it seems, you're and Evangelical Christian or a member of the religious right. Then, it's OK to stay home." He goes on to give examples from CBS 60 Minutes, To read the entire column click on the title above for a link. I saw the same message on Good Morning America on ABC earlier this week.