Sunday, October 29, 2006

Press Bias

This from Rich Galen's column:

During the Q & A at speeches, I make it clear that I have not been one of those who believes the national press corps participates in a conference all every morning to decide what stories they are going to push to make Republicans look bad.

I now think I may have been wrong about that.

Any Republican who, in the past two years, has sneezed in public without having first whipped out a clean and pressed hanky has run the risk of blaring headlines declaring them a hypocrite for being able to get free pharmaceuticals from the House Physician's office while having voted against the importation of (potentially counterfeit) drugs from Canada.

Democrats who sneeze are held up as brave men and women who are demonstrating their deep understanding of work-a-day Americans because, in spite of having a cold, they continue to go to work THREE FULL DAYS A WEEK.

Then, this from Drudge:
NYT SETS PHOTO ESSAY FOR PAGE ONE MONDAY: Burials of soldiers at Arlington National Cemetery nearly every day over the last week… Developing....

A post on says it all:
In 1943 Life Magazine published the names of the fallen. It ran for pages. But they published it to honor the dead in a national war for survival. The NYT doesn’t do a photo spread of Arlington Burials to honor the dead in a war against Islamic fascism. It has a political agenda-to undermine support for our forces overseas, and let’s be frank, to assist the Democrats in the fall elections.

If the intentions of the Times were honorable, I might excuse them. But they are not. They don’t a damn about the dead; to the Times, the fallen are tools to be used as a political club. That is inexcusable.

Me: It's outragious! The New York Times has let their hate for George W Bush cloud any good sense they may have had and it is unforgivable. To use the honerd dead for political advantage is outragious.

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