Monday, October 09, 2006

Movie: The Departed *****

Tonight on a "school night" my wife and I went to see "The Departed." I give it 5 * out of 5. Basically the movie takes place in Boston and is about gangsters and cops. The cops have an informer inside a Boston gang headed by Jack Nicholson who plays "the bad" Jack Nicholson as only he can. He is worth the price of admission. Matt Damon plays the informant inside the Massachusetts State Police and Leonardo DiCaprio plays the informant inside Nicholson's gang. Normally I don't like these kinds of movies but this is very well done. The Godfather meets The Bourne Identity. Directed by Martin Scorsese there is lots of blood and the language is full of "F" bombs. While I was watching the movie I kept thinking, "now I know why Massachusetts keeps sending Ted Kennedy and John Kerry to the Senate." The movie gives a real feel for the class tensions in Boston.(Click on the title for a link to the Internet Movie Data Base (IMDB) page for the movie)