Sunday, August 13, 2006

World Trade Center *****

This afternoon my wife and I saw the movie World Trade Center and I give it ***** out of 5 *. I am not a big fan of Oliver Stone but he does a great job with this movie. My favorite part of the movie is a true story of a retired U.S. Marine who had become an accountant. He saw what was happening at the World Trade Center on 9/11, goes out and gets a Marine hair cut, puts on his old uniform and goes to the ruins at night with a flash light. He gets past the police barricade's on the strength of his U.S. Marine uniform, when everyone else is retreating, and walks around the hell hole that was the remnants of the World Trade Center yelling "United States Marines any one alive... yell or make a tapping sound." He links up with another U.S.Marine and they hear the sound of two Port Authority Police Officer who are buried in the rubble , who are the main subject of the movie, and call for help. After the two police officers are rescued Karnes standing in the ruins says: "We're gonna need some good men out there to avenge this!" That U.S.Marine then reenlists and goes on to serve two tours in Iraq! I am not making this up.... it's true! Thanks, Oliver Stone for a movie that will tell the story of what happened to future generations. Great movie making.... John Ford and John Wayne would have been proud. Go see this movie.!!!! It WILL be in my DVD collection. To read more about the movie click on the title above for a link to the Internet Movie Data Base (IMDB) page on the movie. Picture above left is of the real US. Marine Dave Karnes played in the movie by Michael Shannon shown in the center picture.