Friday, August 18, 2006

Rich Galen's 42nd High School Class Reunion

Rich Galen who is a self described "political hack" and who has worked for Senator Dan Quayle and House Speaker Newt Gingrich and is a frequent guest commentator on FOX NEWS. He has a blog He also sends out two or three times a week an email to subscribers with his musing or Mullings on political issues. His most recent dealt with his 42nd high school class reunion. As readers of this blog know I went to my 40th high school reunion last summer. In an case Rich gives a humorous summary of his reunion. From time to time Galen also gives travelogues of trips he takes and he does travel a lot and they are also very humorous.

One of the of the best part of the summary of his class reunion is the following which is true for me and many of our generation.

"I am not a slave to fashion. That is to say I have been wearing essentially the same outfit since seventh grade.

Back in my era, the school uniform included a button-down shirt, khakis (which we called chinos), and Bass Weejun penny-loafers for boys. Jeans were not permitted as school garb. In fact, I didn't own a pair of jeans until I was about 30.

Women (or, as they were known then, girls) were not permitted to wear slacks to school. Skirts or dresses, no higher than knee length. Girls were sometimes required to kneel so a teacher could check and make certain their skirts touched the ground and were, therefore, chaste enough to wear to Spanish II.

T-shirts were not allowed outside of gym class. Flip-flops hadn't been invented as non-locker-room-footwear yet.

Oh. Socks. White, bulky, woolen (not cotton) socks went very nicely with penny-loafers. But, it never occurred to me to come to school with loafers and no socks. That look hadn't been invented yet, either.

Nehru jackets came and went. Bellbottoms never graced my closet floor. John Travolta Saturday Night Fever outfits danced past me. I did own a three-piece suit once when I first came to Washington, but that was pushing the envelope for me, fashion-wise.

Other than having traded up to Johnson & Murphy loafers instead of Bass, I was dressed pretty much the same I had been 42 years previously."