Saturday, August 19, 2006

Downside of Summer

I know this post will put me in the "Old Fogy" category but one of the down sides of Summer is that many people dress like bums. I was out shopping today and it was about 99 degrees outside in Medford Oregon. Most of the people were wearing short shorts skimpy tee shirt and flip flops. In other words I saw a lot of skin and that is not attractive on a lot of people. Do these people ever look in the mirror? Just because it is hot is no excuse. If your figure is "not so great" a nice pair of Bermuda shorts , a nice shirt and sandals with short white sox are just as cool and can hide a lot body defects. A little ironing and washing would be nice too. Another think is tattoos. There is nothing that makes a man or woman look low class than a tattoo. Only sailors and cowboys can get away with them. Nothing is more depressing than seeing a nicely dressed woman with a tattoo on her ankle. I know tattoos are the fad, but so were bell bottom pants but you could give the pants to Good Will when the fad was over. Try doing that with a tattoo. Why do people permanently mutilate their body's? I guess I am ready for Fall and some football.