Sunday, August 20, 2006

Update on Medford Oregon's Charter Cable TV Fiasco

Click on the title above for a link to a new news story in Sunday's Medford Mail Tribune.

There is also an editorial on the subject:

The cable guys get static
Charter's subscribers say new package is a double whammy
Any seasoned business person knows it's not wise to surprise your customers — especially if that surprise reduces the service they receive and increases their costs.

Charter Communications, which operates the cable television franchise for much of the Rogue Valley, is currently feeling the pain of delivering one of those unhappy surprises. Its customers found out — some through reading it first in this newspaper and some when they turned on their sets Tuesday — that just about every channel had changed and that, for some, the cost of watching the boob tube had just gone up dramatically.

This was obviously a botched operation. Charter officials said they had printed notices that were scheduled to be mailed to subscribers before the switchover, but the mailings wound up delayed and showed up in mailboxes after the change....

There are also a large number of letters to the editor:

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