Monday, August 07, 2006

Hot August Weekend

It's still early in August but you can feel the Summer slipping away. Our Son leaves for grad school in the Midwest in a few days and this was his last weekend home. Saturday night we went to the Britt Music Festival in Jacksonville for one of their outdoor classical concerts. Sarah Chang played the violin with the Britt Orchestra. I am not a big fan of this type of music but our Son wanted tickets for his birthday. We packed a picnics dinner and even had a bottle of wine. There was a large crowd. I call it the "wine and cheese" crowd who take very elaborate dinners in baskets and eat before the concert on blankets. You know, a Volvo crowd. Heck, I even saw a "Kerry/ Edwards" bumper sticker on a Volvo. I am sure George W Bush did not get many votes from this crowd. These are the kind of people that like to listened to NPR. However, I had a good time and it is good to do something different. I would like to do it again when they have a folk singer. Gordon Lightfoot will be there in a few days but unfortunately it is all sold out. Maybe next year. It is fun to listened to music under the stars and people watch.

On Sunday we did the Rogue River. Our son wanted to go rafting on the river so we drove up 11 miles past Shady Cove and dropped him off with his inflatable boat just below a dam. My wife and I then drove down the river to Shady Cove to pick him up at a park along the river. It took him about 2&1/2 hours to float the 11 miles. We took along a picnic lunch and the Sunday papers while we waited. It was pleasant and I even took along my Zen MP3 player for music. After we loaded up his boat we drove back to Medford and had pizza at Kaleidoscope Pizza. When we got home we had a nice long conversation on the telephone with our Daughter who lives in Washington DC.