Monday, August 29, 2011

Is The Politico Dumb ?

No, Just Liberal. Have you noticed how many of their former reporters go to work for liberal politicians after they leave The Politico. As if we don't notice.

John Nolte:

Rember Joe the Pulumber ?

Well, the left-wing hitman who wrote the “Is Rick Perry Dumb?” piece is the same Jonathan Martin who savaged that private citizen, and the reason he wrote the Perry piece is for exactly the same reason. This is all about protecting Barack Obama, all about creating a negative narrative around any threat to Barack Obama; and if Politico and Martin were willing to slime a private citizen to elect Barack Obama in 2008, what do you think they’re willing to do to see their investment re-elected in 2012?....

One by one, the left-wing media will attempt to pick off our candidates using their boilerplate racist/stupid/crazy narratives. These narratives are intentionally designed to plant seeds of doubt in voters, smother the candidate’s message, distract from their records, and most importantly, to take the spotlight off of Obama’s endless list of failures.

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