Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Oregonian:"Portland massage therapist who accused Al Gore of groping confided in a friend shortly after the 2006 incident"

Tonight The Oregonian is braking this story about the allegations Al Gore committed sexual assault against a massage therapist in 2006 while he was in Portland, Oregon staying at an upscale hotel after giving a speech at the Rose Garden. To quote the Oregonian the states largest newspaper
A close friend of a Portland massage therapist who accused former Vice President Al Gore of groping her says the therapist told her soon after the 2006 encounter that she'd been violated and assaulted by "someone in the higher ups."

The newspaper identifies the friend as Donna Burleigh. To read the rest of the news report click on the title for a link.

Quite frankly I was very skeptical of this story when it broke on The Drudge Report and the National Inquirer yesterday. The delay of the alleged victim in reporting the alleged crime and her canceling three interviews with the Portland police gave her credibility problems. However this corroboration of her story by a friend as reported by a mainstream media outlet give it more credibility. I still have doubts about the alleged victim . It will be interesting to see if other women around the country start coming out with similar stories. This happened with Oregon Senator Bob Packwood. One woman went public with allegations of sexual advances on behalf of the Senator and all of a sudden lots of similar stories started to surface.

It should be reported that no charges were filed against Al Gore and the Portland Police closed their file.

On the other hand what married man in public life would late at night invite a female message therapist to his hotel room with no one else present ?


Al Gore's side of the story from New York Magazine:

According to a source friendly with the Gores, Al Gore confirmed that he received a therapeutic massage in his hotel room that night, and likely from the therapist making the accusation. But, the source said, Gore remembers getting a massage without incident and the therapist leaving on good terms.

Basically, we find ourselves in a classic he said/she said situation, and it appears that we'll never know the truth of what happened that night. Does the masseuse's request that the National Enquirer pay her $1 million for the story tip the scales at all? You decide.